5 tips for networking like a pro

5 tips for networking like a pro

Walking into a room of strangers is never easy. Okay, physically entering the room might be, but if you want to meet new people and leave a lasting impression, you’ll have to do a lot more than just walk in and stand there. Below you’ll find not only five tips on how to network like a pro, but a few pointers on how to remember someone’s name, too. Remembering names is a great way to show off your listening skills and is a critical part of any professional’s networking plan.

Quality over quantity 
Focus on building relationships with people who share similar interests.

Knowledge is power
Set aside time each day to stay up-to-date on current events.

There is relationship potential in everyday situations 
Avoid having lunch or going for coffee alone. This small habit can produce big results.

It’s not only about you
Be generous, curious and reliable. Genuinely get to know your contacts.

Never stop
Each day is a new day. Get going!

Stacey, Sally, Sandra, Sophie… Tips on how to remember someone’s name

Make an association 
The more bizarre and exaggerated the better. Sally Henderson kind of sounds like “a train engine”.

Practice and repeat
Find ways to say their name aloud.

Ask a question
This is also a great way to start a conversation. “So, Tim, have you been to this event before?”

Ask them how they spell their name
“Is that Megan with an ‘an’ or do you use an ‘h’ in your name?

Commit and concentrate
Don’t make excuses – focus on the person and make learning  their name a priority. Challenge yourself by introducing them to another person in the room.

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