A Video Series Showcasing the Designation

A Video Series Showcasing the Designation

When you write the letters “CPA” after your name, you have every reason to be proud. Those small letters have a big meaning: hard work, skill, and achievement, among others. To communicate this to the general public, and to show CPAs’ value, the Hesje CPA Knowledge Centre has launched the CPA Smart video series.

In the first installment of CPA Smart, six CPAs are profiled over five videos. Viewers will be able to witness the impact of CPAs in business and accounting. One video shows Alyson Jenkins CPA, CA, whose dedication in her career has permeated her extracurricular activities as a global obstacle course competitor and marathon runner. In another, Dave Minhas CPA, CA, whose experience and knowledge as an accountant has opened doors to serve on multiple boards, shares  the fulfillment he gets from helping others in a practical and effective way. As well, SAIT instructors, Fiaz Merani CPA, CMA and Abidemi Akinloye CPA, CGA are showcased as they take their designations all over the globe in order to teach people in small communities the knowledge and skills they need to grow their businesses.

A future installment of CPA Smart will be no less interesting. The value and extent of CPAs’ knowledge will be at the forefront of each five-minute video as featured CPAs teach on topics ranging from the practical, such as filing your taxes, to soft skills, like emotional intelligence.

The CPA Smart video series showcases the designation. Visit the Hesje CPA Knowledge Centre to see accomplished professionals do great things, and to be reminded about the significance of the small letters after your name.

Header image: SAIT instructors and founders of Business Beyond Borders, Fiaz Merani CPA, CMA and Abidemi “Akin” Akinloye CPA, CGA chat with SAIT students, Elena Tofan and Arbee Recto.