Making the most of CPA member benefits and plans

Making the most of CPA member benefits and plans

Membership can certainly have its privileges, and as a member of CPA Alberta, you’re sure to find a benefit of value at any stage in your career. From insurance and retirement plans to travel and entertainment, there are many products and services available to you at a discounted rate. Check out the following benefits available to all CPA Alberta members.

ARTA Retiree Benefit Plan

CPA Alberta has worked with the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association (ARTA) to make available the ARTA-sponsored Retiree Benefits Plan to eligible retired CPA Alberta members.

The ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan is voluntary and 100% member paid. You are eligible to join the Plan as long as you satisfy the following eligibility requirements:

  • CPA Alberta member in good standing for at least five (5) years;
  • Age 55 or older;
  • Permanent resident of Canada; and
  • Covered by provincial/territorial healthcare coverage in your province/territory of residence.

A spouse of a deceased CPA Alberta member who would have met the above listed criteria at the date of death is also eligible.

Enrollment in the ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan is available for you following your retirement, at any time. However, there are some coverage stipulations you should consider:

  • If you join the Plan within 60 days of losing your group benefit plan coverage (or coverage under your spouse’s group benefits plan) and select coverage under one of the two Extended Health Care plans which include Emergency Travel coverage (Total Health or Ultimate Health plans), no medical evidence of insurability is required for coverage. The Emergency Travel coverage is an industry-leading travel benefit – it provides coverage for an unlimited number of trips every year, with up to 92 days of coverage for each trip. Coverage is also available for single trips lasting up to 212 days duration. If you join the Plan following 60 days of losing group benefits coverage and select Total Health or Ultimate Health coverage, you must submit medical evidence of insurability to be covered. You can join one of the Extended Health Care plans which do not include Emergency Travel coverage (Health Wise and Health Wise Plus plans) at any time without medical evidence of insurability, as long as you qualify based on the eligibility rules listed above.
  • Dental Care coverage is available at any time, on a stand-alone basis. However, if you join the Plan and enroll in the Dental Care plan following 60 days of losing group benefits coverage, your benefits are prorated during your first year of coverage.

If you want to join the Plan, you are required to join ARTA as an Affiliate member in order to participate in the Plan – it is closed to non-members. The $50 annual ARTA membership fee is included in your monthly automatic bank withdrawal for premium payment, at $4.17/month. Being an ARTA members permits you to participate in the ARTA Affinity program, which includes discounts on travel, accommodations, and home or auto insurance.

Additional information, enrollment forms, and plan details are available at

Members are reminded that participation in this plan is voluntary. Like any potential insurance product, you are encouraged to do your own due diligence to assess whether this program is right for you. Any questions about the plan or your eligibility to participate should be directed to the plan administrators, toll free at 1.855.444.ARTA (2782).

CPA Insurance Plans West (CPAIPW)

CPAIPW provides insurance and other benefit programs to CPA firms, individuals and their spouses and students in Western Canada. It offers a full line of exclusive insurance products including term life up to $2 million, long-term disability up to $10,000/month, and critical illness coverage for heart disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis and other serious diseases.

Just for CPAs:

  • Highly competitive rates
  • Coverage independent of employment
  • Benefit from group purchasing power
  • Term life can be used as cost-effective mortgage insurance
  • LTD policy holders have access to counseling services
  • Plans for employees of CPA firms including extended health and dental benefits
  • International coverage
  • Customized home and tenant insurance (and Auto in Alberta)

Visit the CPAIPW website at for more information or to download an application form, or call 1.800.661.6430.

CPA Canada Member Savings Program

The CPA Canada Member Savings Program provides exclusive savings on a variety of national, brand name products and services to members and students. Benefits include:

  • Travel & Entertainment
  • Business Resources
  • Products & Services

Visit CPA Canada to find out more about this program, or download the 2016 Guide to Savings.

If you have not received your member number or require assistance in creating a profile to access CPA Canada services, contact 1.800.268.3793 or

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