2018 CPA Alberta Board Nominations

2018 CPA Alberta Board Nominations

The nomination period for election to the CPA Alberta Board is now open. Nominations must be received no later than 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 11, 2018.

 This year, there is one open board position to be filled. All Alberta CPAs who are members in good standing are eligible to stand for election to the CPA Alberta Board.  For more details on the nomination process and for the nomination form, view or download the CPA Alberta Board Nomination package.

The open board position is the result of the term of Rob Quilley FCPA, FCA expiring. The terms of Curtis Palichuk FCPA, FCA and Darrell Jones FCPA, FCMA were also set to expire in 2018; however, as those individuals hold the positions of Chair and Vice Chair, respectively, they are not required to stand for re-election and may serve a total term in excess of the standard six years, as set out in the profession’s governing documents. This provision of the CPA Alberta Directives (Directive 2.3.22) helps to ensure that board members who take on executive roles are experienced and have familiarity with CPA Alberta issues and processes.

As noted, all Alberta CPAs who are members in good standing are invited to consider putting their names forward for election to the CPA Alberta Board. You are encouraged to consider this opportunity, and to nominate others that you think would serve the profession well as Board members. For members’ consideration, the CPA Alberta Governance Committee has identified the following competency areas and demographic characteristics of a candidate that would strengthen the expertise of the CPA Alberta Board and better balance the profile of the board to reflect the membership at large:

  • Be a resident of Northern Alberta or Edmonton;
  • Have the perspective of a professional accounting (public practice) practitioner;
  • Understand information technology—particularly, innovative and disruptive technology—and its impacts on the CPA profession; and
  • Possess government relations skills and experience.

These ideal competencies are identified in order to maximize the chances of having a Board composed of the widest range of members that best reflects the diversity, demographics, and broad skill sets of the membership. Working toward a Board that reflects the range of the membership offers the best chance of ensuring the Board is well-prepared to respond with experience and wisdom to any issues it may face.

Setting out desired characteristics of board members is a common practice of many Boards in the business and non-profit sectors, and aligns with the Government of Alberta’s strong emphasis in ensuring that membership on boards of professional regulatory organizations reflects the diversity of Alberta’s population.

Voting for board positions and other regulatory matters will take place from WednesdayAugust 22 to Tuesday, September 18, 2018. Voting results will be announced at the CPA Alberta Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday, September 21, which will take place in Edmonton at the Delta Edmonton Centre Suite Hotel.

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