Call for Participants for CPA Canada’s Proof-of-Concept Initiative

Call for Participants for CPA Canada’s Proof-of-Concept Initiative

CPA Canada is seeking creative, energetic and ambitious CPAs to participate in a Proof-of-Concept Initiative (POCI) to test value creation approaches and support CPA Canada’s efforts to enhance the evolving strategic roles and competencies of CPAs.

Summarizing the results of CPA Canada’s Foresight process, The Way Forward calls for a major reimagining of the CPA profession in a transformation that includes a strong focus on value creation decisions and measurement. Value is increasingly intangible, and societies, individuals and organizations are varying their approaches to measuring value with social and environmental factors weighing more heavily into decisions.

To support its ongoing work, CPA Canada is seeking 15-20 creative, energetic and ambitious CPAs to participate in a Proof-of-Concept Initiative (POCI) to test the application of various value creation-related solutions to specific decisions their organizations are facing.


CPA Canada recognizes that many CPAs who would otherwise be interested may be facing unusual challenges due to the COVID-19 crisis which may preclude involvement at this time. Let thenm know of your interest in any event, so that they can explore ways to support your involvement at an appropriate time in the future.

For some, however, the POCI might provide an excellent opportunity to explore possible changes to their organization’s value creation strategy and/or business model driven by the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis. Again, let CPA Canada know of your interest so they can design the POCI process with this in mind.


Decisions that CPA Canada is keen to explore with the POCI participants relate to:

  • innovation
  • data and intangibles
  • sustainability
  • stakeholder impact
  • strategic implications of COVID-19 for your organization’s business model

Participants will learn about value creation concepts, methodologies and available solutions, and be guided in selecting and applying appropriate solutions to support specific value creation decisions faced by their organizations.

Feedback from participants will help shape CPA Canada’s ongoing efforts to transform the profession and help members stay on the leading edge of an everchanging marketplace.


Over the course of their participation in the POCI, expectations for POCI participants include spending in the range of 30 to 60 hours in activities that include:

  • reviewing briefing materials about value creation solutions, including underlying concepts, frameworks, and value creation measurement approaches
  • selecting one or more future-oriented decisions that your organization faces related to value creation
  • guided research aimed at selecting the most appropriate solutions that are relevant for the selected decisions in your organization
  • applying future-oriented value creation solutions to generate insights for your organization relevant to the selected decisions
  • providing feedback on results obtained, and guidance on subsequent stages in CPA Canada’s value creation work

Read more about the opportunity and how to participate on CPA Canada’s website.