Celebrating 70 Years of women in the profession

Celebrating 70 Years of women in the profession

In 1949, Dorothy Reid became the first woman in Alberta to receive her accounting designation and forged a path for women to pursue an accounting career. 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of this event. To celebrate,  CPA Alberta caught up with four female CPAs who are continuing her tradition of creating new opportunities for women and being pioneers for gender equality. 

It is more important than ever that women to look and feel confident—no matter their size. This is one of the many reasons Aymie Rondeau CPA, CA started the inclusive, online boutique for plus-size women called The Curvy Shop. Aymie’s passion also extends beyond where women shop for clothes; she is the founder of the Females in Finance networking group in Calgary. The group is open to any woman who works in business and finance, looking to make relevant accounting and finance connections.

Dr. Kara Mitchelmore FCPA, FCMA is CEO of the Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education. Kara is brought into organizations during times of transition to execute and lead new processes that help those organizations advance. Kara is currently working to build a new harmonized bar admission course for Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

Ellisha Sharma CPA believes that strong female advocates are vitally important to creating environments in which other females can thrive. Ellisha takes this seriously in her professional life and encourages junior colleagues to speak up, provides mentorship, and recommends them for roles. She believes that seeing others achieve success and observing women in leadership positions can be hugely motivating.

CPA Alberta’s CEO, Rachel Miller FCPA, FCA, also gives her perspective on women in the profession, developing leadership skills, and the qualities of great leaders.

“It’s no secret that the accounting profession has been traditionally been male-dominated. However, I have seen a shift in recent years towards gender equality and balance. I could not be more proud to be part of this progressive shift and movement, and proud to be part of a profession that is making major inroads towards creating welcoming spaces for women to take on leadership roles,” says Rachel.

Look for the full article  in the Fall 2019 issue of Capitalize Magazine, CPA Alberta’s publication aimed at post-secondary students and others interested in a CPA career, and the Fall/Winter issue of Dividends, CPA Alberta’s magazine.

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