Building your organization’s brand through sponsorship

Building your organization’s brand through sponsorship

Sponsorship is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing and brand building. That is no surprise, given that sponsorship provides a number of opportunities to broaden an organization’s competitive advantage by increasing their credibility, image, and brand in sponsoring events and attracting a target market. Promotional opportunities exist in the form of sponsoring a building, a room, an awards reception, educational programs, banners, tote bags, and a number of others.

First and foremost, sponsorship is a way to increase awareness of your organization. Often, sponsorship will come with opportunities to either speak to or meet with attendees, as well as providing significant opportunities for visibility. These visibility opportunities can also occur both leading up to and after the actual event. If those events are attracting key decision-makers who have the right level of authority to influence purchases, that can have a significant impact on sales.

As well, according to the book, Special Events: Inside and Out, sponsorship of an event that appeals to a company’s specific market creates a positive reaction and attitude to their brand, people and products. In today’s fast-paced social media world, where word and perception flows quickly, that positive association can be a compelling competitive advantage.

Opportunities available with CPA Alberta

If your organization can benefit from increased brand awareness and contact with Alberta CPAs, we urge you to explore sponsorships available at various CPA Alberta events. Doing so will allow your organization to showcase its brand to Alberta CPAs – a diverse, large and reputable network of professionals who add value to their respective organizations through financial expertise, strategic decision-making, leadership, and their ability to effectively navigate through change and disruption. CPAs work in every business sector, including public accounting, education, not-for-profit, energy, government, and others.

Sponsoring CPA Alberta’s events, including the fast-approaching CPA national Common Final Examination (CFE) Celebrations in Edmonton and Calgary and the Convocations in February, is a guaranteed positive investment towards your brand, as there are a number of benefits you can explore through our variety of packages.

As a sponsor you benefit by:

  • Aligning your brand with a professional organization of 28,500 CPAs strong
  • Involving your brand with an organization that fosters and recognizes professional excellence and community involvement
  • Leveraging CPA Alberta’s promotional vehicles to reach business and post-secondary audiences before, during and after events
  • Raising your corporate profile through recognition in CPA Alberta’s print publications and its digital platforms

View the sponsorship package or contact Quinta Iticka at to discuss options or customize a package to fit your needs.

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