CPA Alberta December Board Meeting: Summary of Discussion and Decisions

CPA Alberta December Board Meeting: Summary of Discussion and Decisions

CPA Alberta is pleased to provide summaries of issues and decisions arising from regular meetings of the CPA Alberta Board of Governors. CPA Alberta hopes that CPAs will find these summaries interesting and useful. If you have any questions about information contained in the summaries, please drop us an email at:

The Board of CPA Alberta met in Calgary on December 13, 2018. Below is a summary of the major decisions and discussion items at the meeting.

  • Board Chair Curtis Palichuk FCPA, FCA provided his Chair’s Report. In his report, he noted that a record 802 Alberta CPA candidates were successful writers of the profession’s Common Final Evaluation.
  • The Board heard a presentation from Howie Shikaze FCPA, FCA, who currently serves as Chair of the CPA Assist Committee. In his presentation, Mr. Shikaze provided an overview of activities currently underway and also announced that early in the new year, the CPA Assist program will commence a research project to learn more about members’ needs in the area of mental health and wellness services. The Board thanked Mr. Shikaze and his committee colleagues for their work in making CPA Assist an important and valued program for Alberta CPAs and their families.
  • The Board reviewed and provided comment on the first draft of a 2019/20 CPA Alberta corporate business plan. Based on Board feedback, management will prepare a revised draft for further review. The final business plan will be released in March 2019.
  • The Board approved some housekeeping and administrative changes to the Complaints Inquiry Committee Terms of Reference and the Governance Committee Terms of Reference.
  • The Board voted to support a Memorandum of Understanding between CPA Canada and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe. The MOU will help facilitate mobility of designated accountants between the two countries.
  • The Board approved 2019/20 fees to be charged by the CPA Western School of Business.
  • The Board discussed upcoming changes to the national CPA Competency Map for candidates in the Professional Education Program. New competency areas include the incorporation of Data Analytics and Information Systems into each of the six current competency areas, and an increased focus on GST in the Taxation competency. The new competency map is expected to be released publicly on December 31 of this year and will be posted on the CPA Canada website at that time, with changes incorporated over the coming year.

The next scheduled meeting of the CPA Alberta Board is March 7, 2019.

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