CPA Alberta Member Management System

CPA Alberta Member Management System

CPA Alberta is dedicated to providing accessible and efficient services to its members. As part of that goal, we are currently working on a member management system – a new, unified member database for CPA Alberta that will provide members with a one-stop-shop for many of their membership needs.

Logging into the system will allow you as a member easy access to maintain your membership information. Once logged on, you will be able to record continuing professional development declarations, view and pay member fees, update your contact information, register for professional development courses, and many other helpful services that will help keep you on the right track with the profession. The system will also allow you the option of opting in or out of various types of e-mail messages CPA Alberta sends, so you can tailor the kind of information and updates you receive from CPA Alberta.

This management system will not only streamline your ability to maintain your membership with ease and efficiency, but will also allow us to serve you better. With all of our members’ information collected in a single database, we will be able to access your most up-to-date records quickly, allowing us to improve the speed and accuracy of serving our members. Introducing this system to our members is a big step in improving service-delivery and we will continue to build on this platform to suit our members’ needs.

Implementation is expected by the end of this fiscal year (April 1) if not sooner. We thank you for your ongoing patience as we work towards this goal.

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