CPA Alberta Tax Clinics: Volunteer Now

CPA Alberta Tax Clinics: Volunteer Now

Tax season is almost upon us, which means we are getting our annual CPA Alberta Tax Clinic Program ready as well! Each spring, from March to April, Alberta CPAs and candidates can volunteer to help low-income Albertans complete their tax returns free of charge. The clinics are held in Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding communities in co-operation with seniors’ homes, community centres, and other not-for-profit agencies.

Bob Lineker CPA, CA has been retired for a number of years now, but has always taken the time to volunteer with the CPA Alberta Tax Clinic Program. Being a long-time volunteer since 1993, Bob recognizes the importance of being able to help others with something as simple as completing a tax return.

“Filing a tax return can seem so minor and easy to us, and it honestly takes us little time and energy,” says Bob. “However, you know you’re making a big difference to people when you see how happy and thankful they are after you’ve helped them understand their taxes and determine what they’re able to claim.”

Bob has had the opportunity to help in senior citizen homes and has met many people over the years, and enjoys making those connections.

“I’ve helped little ladies, those who have lost their spouses, and veterans, and they all deserved lots of help,” Bob says.

He also offers some encouraging advice for those who might consider volunteering.

“Why not just do as much as you can to help?” says Bob. “It’s always nice to be a part of a service that you can tell is so important and appreciated.”

If you would like to be a part of this valuable program as a volunteer, or would like more information on the Tax Clinic Program and available positions, visit:

Header image: In 2017, Alberta CPAs volunteered their time and expertise to help Albertans complete their tax returns.