What is “unprofessional conduct”?

What is “unprofessional conduct”?

As members of a self-regulated profession governed by the CPA Act, CPAs in Alberta are held to high standards of professional conduct, which protect the public interest and the integrity of the accounting profession.

CPA Alberta fulfills its responsibilities under the CPA Act by setting and enforcing high professional standards. This includes investigating all complaints of unprofessional conduct against Registrants, and enforcing disciplinary sanctions ordered by a Tribunal.

What is “unprofessional conduct”?

The CPA Act describes “unprofessional conduct” as any act or conduct by a Registrant that:

  • is detrimental to the best interests of the public or harms the integrity of the profession;
  • contravenes the CPA Act, regulations, bylaws, directives, rules of professional conduct or practice standards;
  • displays a lack of competence; or
  • violates or fails to comply with a disciplinary order, an order of the Court, or a restriction or undertaking given to or by CPA Alberta.

For more information about what happens when an individual files a complaint against a CPA in Alberta, view the Information about the Complaint & Discipline Process brochure.

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