CPA Alberta’s Mentorship Program is returns this November virtually

CPA Alberta’s Mentorship Program is returns this November virtually

Are you a CPA looking to help the next generation of CPAs? Do you want to share your vast knowledge and expertise with a young professional? Become a mentor for CPA Alberta’s Career Development Mentorship Program!

CPA Alberta’s Career Development Mentorship Program focuses on assisting CPAs in developing a relationship that can:

  • Yield insights and opportunities to expand one’s knowledge of career options;
  • Develop or improve upon work-related soft-skills for career progression; and
  • Help achieve meaningful career goals.

About the Program

The program supports Alberta CPAs and candidates at all stages of their career, including CPAs with foreign-trained credentials, to develop and explore their career goals.

  • Mentors and mentees are screened and asked about their desired goals to encourage the best possible match for the program.
  • Mentors provide advice and guidance, as well as share relevant knowledge, perspectives, and experiences.
  • Mentees come prepared for each meeting, ready to discuss topics and ask questions important to achieving their career goals.
  • Matches are for a ONE year term and mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet virtually at least once per month to review progress and goals.
  • Mentors and mentees are required to attend a mentorship training session in November.

Mentorship Benefits


  • Develop leadership skills;
  • Impact and inspire mentees;
  • Provide career advice, guidance, and share relevant knowledge;
  • Improve communication skills; and
  • Learn new perspectives.


  • Career advice related to new positions, career changes and career progression;
  • Formulate realistic career goals;
  • Increase your knowledge of sectors and industries; and
  • Improve soft skills.

Mentorship Training

Virtual mentor training sessions will be held in November to provide both mentors and mentees the tools to encourage productive and goal-oriented online mentoring relationships. This training is intended only for those who are approved for the Career Development Mentorship Program.

Apply today!


  • Suitable Mentors will be CPAs in good standing with five (5) or more years of post-designation experience. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of program coordinators.
  • This is not the Professional Experience Requirement (PER) Mentorship Program. Candidates or mentors requiring more information on the CPA PER program for practical experience verification, please click here.