CPA Alberta’s Peer-to-Peer Forums

CPA Alberta’s Peer-to-Peer Forums

CPA Alberta Peer-to-Peer Forums are an opportunity for CPAs to connect and provide their input on important topics. The forums will allow CPAs and CPA candidates to share their experience and knowledge around a common interest and help each other tackle issues and challenges they may be facing. The first CPA Alberta Peer-to-Peer Forum is on the theme of innovation and technology, and will launch this March.

The forums will be held in-person in Calgary (March 5) and Edmonton (March 18), with plans to expand remotely through an on-line component later in the year. Specific topics covered at each forum will be driven by the group’s own interests, needs, and discussion. Meetings are anticipated to take place four times a year.

Innovation and Technology Forum

During the Innovation and Technology Forum, participants will discuss topics such as disruptive innovations, innovation strategies, and analytics. Additional subjects may include automation, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and other technology issues to help CPAs drive innovation within their organization.

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