CPD portal now open for 2017 declaration

CPD portal now open for 2017 declaration

All Alberta CPAs must take relevant and appropriate CPD to develop and maintain their professional competence and to perform their professional roles. By setting and enforcing these requirements, the profession ensures that CPAs provide high-quality service to their clients, employers, and other stakeholders, thereby protecting the public interest and maintaining the reputation and integrity of CPAs.

To complete your CPD Declaration, login to the member portal of the CPA Alberta website using your five-digit CPA Alberta member number and password. Note that if you have forgotten your password, there is a link to retrieve it on the website. For step-by-step instructions on logging in and completing the 2017 CPD Declaration, click here.

It is important that you fully consider your CPD learning activities for the current and prior two reporting years, and make a truthful and accurate declaration.  If a false declaration is made (for example you declare “comply” when in fact you did not comply with the CPD requirements), you will be immediately referred to the Registration Committee. The Committee may suspend, cancel or place conditions on your membership.

Remember, your declaration must be received by March 1, 2018, in order to avoid late-filing penalties.

CPD Requirements

The CPD reporting period is based on the calendar year (that is January 1 – December 31, 2017). As a reminder, Alberta CPAs must:

  • complete a minimum of 20 hours of CPD annually of which 10 hours must be verifiable;
  • complete 120 hours over a three-year rolling cycle (current year and two prior years), of which 60 hours must be verifiable;
  • report one of a Comply, Non-comply, or Exempt declaration;
  • declare for both annual and three-year rolling total requirements;
  • retain CPD records for no less than five years (CPA Alberta may request these records at any time).

All CPD taken must be a learning activity that allows for the development of new or existing competencies that are relevant to your professional responsibilities and growth.

For more details on the CPD reporting requirements, please visit our website.

CPD Exemptions

Please see the CPD decision tree to determine if you are eligible to claim a CPD exemption. The following two groups are the most common exemptions:

  • Members permanently withdrawn from the workforce

CPA Alberta does not have a “retired” status. However, if you have permanently withdrawn from gainful employment for the entire calendar year, such that active earnings from all types of employment or business are nil and there is no reliance on accounting skills by a third party, you may claim a full exemption.

  • New CPA members

If you have received your CPA designation in 2017, you must still make a CPD declaration. However, you may claim the “new member exemption.” In 2018, you will need to take CPD to be compliant for the annual declaration, but may still use the new member exemption for the three-year rolling cycle.

Failure to Comply

If you do not comply with the CPD requirements this year, you will be asked to provide an action plan which will bring you into compliance by the end of the next reporting period. If you require assistance creating an action plan, you may contact the CPA Alberta office for guidance.

CPD Tracking Tool

A CPD Tracking tool is available for you to informally track your Continuing Professional Development hours. This information is stored on your CPA Alberta member portal for your convenience and is not linked to the mandatory CPD Declaration that you must make annually.

If you have any questions concerning CPD requirements and/or reporting, please contact the CPA Alberta Registrations team via phone toll free at 1-800 232-9406 (or 780-424-7391) or via email at cpdreporting@cpaalberta.ca.




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