Elevate Your Mind with Washington insider David Frum

Elevate Your Mind with Washington insider David Frum

Find out what the presidency of Donald Trump means for Alberta business from Washington insider David Frum. David is the keynote speaker at CPA Alberta’s Elevate Your Mind conference and is one of the most influential political analysts of our time. He offers a rational right-wing conscience within the often-polarized world of American politics. As the Senior Editor at The Atlantic, David’s commentary on social and political issues generates thought-provoking discussions throughout America and around the world. David helps crystallize what the current political climate will mean for your business or organization—for the good, the bad, and the future.

Whether it is the latest foreign policy debate or the inner workings of the White House, David offers refreshing and clear insights on complicated issues of the day. The Wall Street Journal dubbed him one of the leading political commentators of his generation for his work in The Atlantic, Newsweek, The Daily Beast and CNN.

Even if you do not agree with his views, David’s encyclopedic knowledge of hot topic issues is unmatched. Audiences appreciate his thought-provoking style and ability to boil complex subjects into digestible bites. David’s deeply researched and thoughtful talks are also laugh-out-loud funny.

See David live at Elevate Your Mind!

Elevate Your Mind is a full-day conference that offers a variety of engaging and targeted speakers and sessions to “elevate” the skills of Alberta CPAs at any stage in their careers. The event is taking place on May 14 in Edmonton at the Shaw Conference Centre.

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