Exclusive home and auto insurance offer for CPAs

Exclusive home and auto insurance offer for CPAs


CPA Insurance Plans West offers insurance products exclusively for CPAs and CPA firms.

CPA Insurance Plans West recently announced it has switched to a new provider for home and auto insurance, The Personal Insurance Company, and is pleased to offer Alberta CPAs the chance to save on insurance through the new CPA Insurance Plans West Home and Auto Insurance Program.

The Program provides group savings, plus coverage tailored to individual needs. Group insurance combines the group buying power of CPA Insurance Plans West clients to deliver better rates for everyone. While clients save as a group, the coverage they choose is tailored to meet their specific needs.

Since 1974, The Personal Insurance Company has been providing home and auto group insurance to members and employees of participating organizations across Canada. Today, they are trusted by over 700 organizations in the public and private sectors.

Those that have home and auto coverage with a CPA Insurance Plans West program under its previous program with TD Insurance will continue to have that same coverage; however, it will no longer be part of the CPA Insurance Plans West preferred program. CPA Insurance Plans West. It’s your choice to join the new program.

Interested CPAs can call and speak to a licensed insurance advisor or go online to get an exclusive quote:


CPA Insurance Plans West is also offering a $20 gift card as a thank you for anyone who will get a quote for their home and auto insurance under the new program. The full offer details can be found at http://www.cpaipw.ca/home-auto-quote-offer.


  • When is this change effective. I just renewed my home coverage through the CPA plan with TD Insurance. No mention was made of this change

  • I just switched to The Personal after using TD Meloche for nearly 30 years for our home and two auto coverages. Notwithstanding that TD Meloche did a fine job servicing our account, I was surprisingly pleased to find The Personal rates for home and auto substantially less than TD, in fact hundreds of dollars for the same coverage. TD applied a small administrative charge to cancel but the savings far outweighed that fee. So, well done CPA Insurance Plans West

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