Executive Leadership Programs: A getaway to get ahead

Executive Leadership Programs: A getaway to get ahead

For most of us, a regular work day involves numerous meetings, managing deadlines, and a hand-held device that won’t stop buzzing with alerts, messages, and notifications. We live in an accelerated world where we are expected to multitask every minute of the day and, as the amount of time we can take for ourselves decreases with every new task we take on, the time left for us to devote to career development, goal planning, and self-improvement can trickle away.

Through Executive Leadership Programs (ELP), CPA Alberta offers both members and non-members of various backgrounds and stages in their career the opportunity to unplug from the chaos of everyday life and devote time to professional development. The CFO and Controllership Programs—the two distinct programs ELP is comprised of— are intensive retreats designed to connect at­tendees with experienced and successful experts and provide them with specific tools for the type of success they hope to achieve.

Choosing to disconnect from our accelerated world in order to slow down to reassess career goals and measure leadership skills is not an easy decision. However, it may be the catalyst to helping you reach those larger ambitions in your life. ELP offer attendees the chance to learn from various instructors in diverse learning formats: seminars range from hands-on learning (workshops, problem-solving), traditional methods (lecture, discussions), self-study (strategic thinking) and new perspectives (panel discussions and working one-on-one with an Executive Coach).

The goals of these programs are to re-focus and re-connect busi­ness leaders with what matters for their success: “The energy and confidence that you come away with after these seven days [is] amazing! I have a whole new group of amazing contacts and col­leagues that have helped to transform me and my outlook on life and work,” Deneen Goyer, an ELP participant from Primco Dene Group of Companies, noted. Class ranges are between 18 – 24 par­ticipants, allowing for the formation of cohesive cohorts, meaning­ful networks, and ongoing support after the program’s completion.

Professional accounting is not only about a strong aptitude for numbers; one must be well versed in finance, operations, and rela­tionship building. The Business Performance Optimization seminar, for example, combines the technical side of CFO and Controllership positions with the people-oriented aspect. It guides individuals through the multi-faceted and forward-looking nature of these po­sitions, focusing on both cause and analysis, and the importance of real-life translation so CFOs and controllers are able to communicate their knowledge to their organizations.

CPA Alberta’s ELP programs provide attendees with the oppor­tunity to hone skills related to discovering, writing, and telling the story behind and beyond the numbers. As Carol Truong, of Cordy Environmental Inc., noted of the week with the Controllership program: “This was definitely not what I had expected. I thought it would be more technical; however, the focus was on improving our behavior and communication skills in order to benefit our team and organization.”

Attending an Executive Leadership Program is a getaway to get ahead. In an accelerated world – where you can easily lose yourself and your goals to responsibilities, expectations, and external de­mands – the best investment you can make is in yourself.

Interested in expanding your potential?

Check cpaalberta.ca to find more information and register for Con­trollership and CFO Leadership programs.

The deadline to register for the CFO Leadership Program is March 24, 2016 and the deadline to register for the Controllership Program is June 14, 2016.


This article appeared in the Fall Issue of Dividends, CPA Alberta’s magazine for members.



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