Fall 2017: most sought after PD seminars

Fall 2017: most sought after PD seminars

Fall is here, which means falling leaves, chilly weather, and new CPA Alberta PD seminars! What better time to take some relevant PD and maintain your competence in providing high-quality services. For many, fall is a busy time of the year, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to explore alternatives to in-class professional development, such as webinars and on-demand seminars. Regardless of what you’re looking for, check out some of CPA Alberta’s most sought after seminars—all happening this fall. These workshops cover a broad range of topics such as tax planning, leadership, communication, Microsoft Excel, budgeting techniques, and much more.

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Top 5 Tax Seminars

  • Incoming Tax Planning Refresher: Corporate (00100)
  • Income Tax Update (00150)
  • Tax Returns: Corporate  (00714)
  • Tax Returns: Personal (00715)
  • Everyday Income Tax Issues For The General Practitioner (01298)

Top 5 “NEW” Seminars

  • Review Engagements: Practical Application of CRSE 2400  (01681)
  • Your First 100 Days as CFO (01692)
  • Growth & Succession Strategies for Small Business (01696)
  • Profiting with Excel’s Best New Features (01705)
  • Unleash Your Creative Intelligence: A Fresh Approach to Leadership We Need (01673)

Top 5 Soft Skills

  • Just for Leaders: Project Management 101 (01073)
  • How to Communicate with Confidence, Clarity & Credibility (01284)
  • Developing High-Performance Teams: Powerful and Productive (01686)
  • Resilience as a Path to Transformation (01694)
  • Productivity Skills for Leaders (01576)

Top 5 Webinars

  • Advanced Excel Functions & Formulas (01565)
  • Excel Budgeting Techniques (01569)
  • Microsoft Access Fundamentals, Tables and Queries (01646)
  • Power Up PowerPoint (01661)
  • IFRS: An Update 2017 Online (99013)

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