Financial Literacy Month: Resources for CPAs

Financial Literacy Month: Resources for CPAs

November is Financial Literacy Month, and the CPA profession is here to provide you with the necessary resources and tools in order to spread financial literacy and strengthen the financial well-being of individuals. Take a look below to see some of the initiatives available!

Free face-to-face sessions that are targeted to specific audiences are available to provide financial literacy knowledge to a variety of individuals—all led by CPAs! Whether its students still in a post-secondary or those in the workforce, these sessions tackle a number of topics including managing debt, saving strategies, and doing taxes. To see available topics or to request a session in your community or for an organization you are part of, visit:

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the Straight from the CPAs Mouth podcast, which this month has a special focus on financial literacy podcast. The special episodes will be released throughout the month of November and include discussions on debt, spending, and investing. To access episodes of the podcast, visit

As well, CPA Canada offers a podcast geared towards financial educators, but with learnings applicable to everyone, about key issues, trends, and tips as they related to financial education. Each episode features a guest speaker talking about different topics including financial wellness, the emotions of money, and the behavioural economics of money. You can subscribe and catch up on previous episodes here:

For most CPAs, the basics of financial literacy are ingrained. So, this financial literacy month, why not focus on increasing your literacy in finance?  CPA Alberta offers professional development sessions related to finance topics in Calgary, Edmonton, and online. These seminars are offered throughout the month of November and December;

  • Financing Strategies
    Gain an in-depth review about the various forms of financing to fund capital projects or acquisitions, and to reorganize existing capital structure. Learn more in Calgary, Edmonton, or online.
  • Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
    In a world where some companies report results using International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), some using U.S. GAAP, and still others report using Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE), analyzing statements is becoming more and more challenging. Gain an in-depth knowledge of how to understand financial statements, particularly the lesser-known techniques which are becoming more and more important when comparing IFRS, GAAP, or ASPE reporting. Learn more in Calgary or Edmonton.
  • Finance and Treasury for Accountants: The Business Side
    Although accountants are not specifically trained in the inner workings of hedging and financial instruments, they are often called upon for advice in these areas, particularly to hedge various risks. Broaden your knowledge in the area of finance and understand the business aspect of financial instruments. Learn more in Calgary.
  • Excel Budgeting and Forecasting Techniques
    Are your budgeting and forecasting processes working as well for you as they should? Probably not, as many organizations report that budgeting and forecasting activities consume tremendous amounts of time and yield only marginal benefits. Achieve a greater return on your budgeting and forecasting activities by taking advantage of various tools and techniques available in today’s market. Learn more in Calgary or Edmonton.
  • Due Diligence for Acquisitions
    Accounting professionals working with M&A transactions need to perform due diligence, which contains multiple objectives. Some of these goals include deciding whether to proceed, providing a basis for pricing, and preparing for business after the consummation of the deal. Deepen your understanding of M&A transactions, understand strategic objectives of a due diligence review, plan an acquisition, develop valuation and pricing recommendations, understand critical issues in confidentiality agreements, and identify key issues in a prospective acquisition. Learn more in Calgary, Edmonton, or online.
  • Excel Tips and Tools for Better Budgets
    Excel is the de facto budgeting and forecasting tool for most professionals, yet many who use Excel for these tasks do not take advantage of the numerous built-in tools available. With this online seminar, learn how to work with Excel features such as FORECAST, FORECAST.ETS, TREND, Forecast Sheets, XNPV, and XIRR. In addition, you will learn better ways to manage what-if analysis using Scenario Manager, Solver, and the value of performing Monte Carlo simulations. If you use Excel for budgeting and forecasting, you can’t afford to miss this session!

Other Resources
CPA Canada has also created an interactive questionnaire aimed to help the public understand money basics. Follow the Financial Wellness Guide and learn how they apply to your personal situations. Just the facts is a series of financial topics presented in unbiased, objective and straightforward way to help Canadians learn the basics of managing their money. The series aims to improve financial literacy, giving people better understanding and confidence in money matters often unclear to many Canadians.

CPAs across Canada are working together to provide financial literacy support. Learning how to be financial responsible starts somewhere, and financial literacy month is the perfect opportunity to start spreading financial literacy knowledge!