Four tips to increase productivity at work in 2018

Four tips to increase productivity at work in 2018

As the new year begins, most of us return to work with a determination to increase our productivity and better manage our time in the office. However, by spring often motivations have dwindled and old habits have resurfaced. So, to keep productivity high throughout 2018 and beyond, adopt a couple of these tips from, and 2018 could be the most productive year yet!

1. Tackle tougher tasks when you are most alert

Our workdays are filled with a laundry list of tasks, ranging from small to large. Instinctively, we typically tackle the simplest tasks first, before moving onto larger jobs. Instead, article author Ashely Stahl suggests completing tougher tasks, which often take up a lot of our time and attention, when we are most alert. If you feel most productive and energized first thing in the morning, then tackle these items first; if you find yourself gearing up when others are heading out the door at the end of the day, focus on the tough projects in the late afternoon.

2. Schedule administrative tasks

In a business environment, some of the most time-consuming items are seemingly small administrative tasks, such as responding to emails and returning calls. These small tasks appear to only take five minutes, but consistently pull our focus away when we are trying to manage larger projects. By setting aside specific blocks of time in our calendar for administrative tasks, it allows us to concentrate on assignments and then thoughtfully respond to inquiries.

3. Take Regular Breaks

Under the pressure of several deadlines, we are all guilty of spending endless hours at our desk. A Business Insider article discusses the benefits of working in 90-minute intervals to maximize productivity. Breaks can be as simple as grabbing a coffee or going for a walk. This clears the mind and we’ll return refreshed and refocused.

4. Stop Multitasking

This is one of the tougher tips to adopt – as professionals we pride ourselves on our ability to juggle multiple tasks. Stahl recommends cutting out multitasking because it does not work. A Forbes article suggests we’re tricking ourselves into thinking we’re effectively completing jobs, when in reality we jump between projects and are giving less than 100 per cent of our attention to any task.

With different responsibilities in every role, adopting each tip may not be ideal. However, by introducing small adjustments, it will be a refreshing change to routines and can help increase productivity!

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