Get ahead by mastering these four soft skills

Get ahead by mastering these four soft skills

In today’s business climate we are constantly challenged with being able to keep up with new trends, emerging technologies, and changing customer expectations. While our technical skills allow us to perform in our work, it is soft skills that can truly make someone stand out. Here are four soft skills that you can master to give you the edge in your career and become recognized as a leader.


You’ve heard it before, and you’re bound to hear it again—communication is key. Regardless of your job or seniority level, effective communication is imperative to your performance and your organization. When there is a disruption in the communication channel it may cause harm and lead to inefficiencies.

Equip yourself to avoid frustrations and confusion by learning the secrets behind successful communication. CPA Alberta is offering two seminars that have been developed to refine your communication skills and prepare you for new challenges:

Personal Resiliency

We all are affected by stress and respond to it differently. Learning how to identify response patterns and understanding how stress impacts your health and well-being will allow you to be more self-aware, demonstrate empathy for others, and build better relationships.

In order to begin helping others, we must first help ourselves. CPA Alberta has carefully put together a seminar packed with information on how to deal and cope with stress. Spin negativity around and live a life of wellness.

 Time Management

We are now in a world where we are expected to do more in less time. It has become an absolute necessity to possess exceptional time management skills in order to succeed in the workplace. Without direction you leave yourself susceptible to inefficiency and stress. Poor time management is a productivity killer that produces lesser results and increases counter-productive patterns.

Learn how to become a time ninja and feel more accomplished each and every day. Join session leader Greg Campeau  in one of his seminars for CPA Alberta as he guides you through the ins-and-outs of time management. Take control of your time!


Do you ever find yourself falling behind schedule or feeling like there are not enough hours in the day? Many professionals are struggling with the pressures of the workplace and are left feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated, resulting in low productivity. In order to combat the issue, first discover your strengths, then learn how to apply them to super-charge your performance!

There is no secret formula to increase productivity, but there are techniques that you can practice and apply to make you more productive and help you get the most out of each day. Join us for a seminar that will be sure to leave you refreshed. Get more done today!


Soft skills are now becoming fundamental to the success of all leaders, and should no longer take the backseat to technical skills. Gain the knowledge and skill set that will enable you to inspire and motivate others through your business prowess and become the leader others will turn to.

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