CPA chapter golf tournaments: registration now open

CPA chapter golf tournaments: registration now open

It’s been a long winter, and if you’re an avid golfer you probably don’t need another reason to get on the course. If you’re not, then what better place to start than a no-pressure, scramble format CPA chapter golf tournament? Registration is now open for the Edmonton Chapter of CPAs golf tournament on June 11, and the Calgary Chapter of CPAs golf tournament on August 10. These golf tournaments are a fun way to get some fresh air and network with your CPA colleagues outside of the office. Most tournaments follow rules that keep the pace moving, so there’s no need to worry about holding anyone up, even if you aren’t the next Tiger Woods!

If you’re new to golf or haven’t been on the course in a while, check out the following 10 tips on golf etiquette from

Here are 10 points of etiquette that apply from tee to green.

1. Never talk while a fellow player is teeing off.

2. Take only one practice swing in the tee box.

3. Remain in the tee box until everyone in the foursome has teed off.

4. Always replace your divots in the fairway.

5. Don’t slam your club into the turf.

6. Be ready to play at all times (a.k.a. play “ready golf”).

7. Rake the sand trap after every bunker shot.

8. Fix your ball mark on the green.

9. Don’t walk or cast a shadow in another player’s putting line.

10. Pick up your ball for the hole once you have reached double bogey.

Part of the article talked about doing business on the course. Some advice in the interview came from  David Guzman, the former CIO of Owens & Minor who’s now chief research officer of The Yankee Group. “Your customer may use the golf course to ask you a question that’s very important to him, and which is equally important for you not to fumble,” Guzman says. Of course CIOs should answer, but they should keep it short. “Even when given such an opening, do not use it to drive a Mack truck of business through it,” Guzman says. “Simply answer the questions and go immediately back to the casual camaraderie.”

Read the full article here.

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