Hear it Straight From the CPA’s Mouth

Hear it Straight From the CPA’s Mouth

CPAs are talking! Several Alberta CPAs were given voice in the CPA Education Foundation’s first-ever podcast, Straight From the CPA’s Mouth, which launched on May 27, with the release of three episodes. The podcast features CPAs as guests, and highlights their experiences and successes in Alberta and abroad, while inspiring students and the public to consider the advantages of becoming or hiring a CPA.

The podcast is not just for students and the public, however. It is a great resource for professionals in search of fresh viewpoints on topics such as leadership, finance, and entrepreneurship. Each episode begins with a thought-provoking question posed by the previous guest, and then delves into the unique experiences and expertise of the featured CPA, giving them the opportunity to share their perspectives on the vast and colourful worlds of business and accounting.

Our first three episodes feature Alberta CPAs with unique careers, talents, and experience: Brian Hesje, former CEO and Chair of Fountain Tire, discusses leadership and his motivation behind donating $1 million to create the Hesje CPA Knowledge Centre; Ross Wilson, a Paralympic cyclist and World Champion, chats about innovation, elite-level athleticism, and giving back to the community; and Erin Schwartz shares her unique path to becoming a CPA, efficiency in the workplace, and her experience as the manager of the new Employer Relations department at CPA Alberta.

Have you listened yet? What questions would you like answered by the guests? Do you know of a CPA with an interesting story? Perhaps we can feature them on one of our episodes. Give us your feedback by emailing us at knowledgecentre@cpaalberta.ca.

Straight From the CPA’s Mouth can be found on all listening platforms—Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and TuneIn—and is an initiative of the Hesje CPA Knowledge Centre, a virtual hub of resources and materials for students and other inquisitive minds who seek knowledge and information about CPAs, business, and accounting. Click here for more information about the Centre and everything it has to offer, and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast!

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