How are big data and AI transforming accounting and finance?

How are big data and AI transforming accounting and finance?

The potent combination of big data and artificial intelligence is set to transform the way we work. Learn more on how these disruptors may impact, from a CPA’s perspective, traditional accounting and finance roles.

Explosive growth in the volumes of data being created and collected, advancements in computing power and storage, increasingly sophisticated algorithms and rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are all converging to create unprecedented and unimagined possibilities. The result: AI is here to stay, and it is poised to disrupt not just how we live our personal lives but how we work and the broader business landscape as we know it.

So, what does an AI-powered world mean for CPAs? Will robots replace us? Find out more with the paper, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence — The Future of Accounting and Finance.

This paper is intended for CPAs in accounting and finance to help them understand the implications of AI technologies, including:

  • convergence of big data and AI and what it means for CPAs
  • new AI technologies and how they will transform the role of the CPA
  • future skills needed to succeed in an AI and data-driven world

For those looking for an introduction to AI concepts and terminologies, refer to the CPA Canada and the American Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants (AICPA) joint publication A CPA’s Introduction to AI: From Algorithms to Deep Learning, What You Need to Know.

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