It’s time for the conversation with your children

It’s time for the conversation with your children


Not that conversation—we are not talking about the birds and the bees, but about raising money-smart kids. That is what CPA Alberta’s “Money Project” is all about. November is financial literacy month, and to celebrate the CPA Education Foundation has updated and is re-launching the Money Project website. The site is chalk-full of helpful resources for parents and their children to learn all they need to know about being money-smart.

Talking to children about money is just as important as talking to them about other life lessons—building a healthy relationship with money while kids are young is often the key to financial success. The Money Project website helps shed light on common money mistakes and how to correct behaviours. You can use the budget calculator to find out how much you could be saving every year, take the money style quiz to find out what kind of spender you are, or discover the sweet spot for your child’s allowance. There is so much to learn about financial literacy and the CPA Education Foundation is proud to be taking strides towards educating all Albertans on how to be money-smart.

Visit the new site now to learn more and get to know your dough:

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