Jumpstart Innovation: Key takeaways

Jumpstart Innovation: Key takeaways

Over the course of several months, CPA Alberta travelled the province to bring awareness to the often overwhelming and confusing areas of disruption and innovation. Yuen Ip, CPA Alberta’s Chief Operating Officer, led 30 high-level PD sessions on how to identify and recognize disruption in order to turn disruptive changes into innovative ideas. In the below video, Yuen speaks to some of the  series’ key takeaways.

In addition to Yuen’s session on disruption, Larry Brownoff, CPA Alberta’s Director of Member Engagement and Technical Advisory, reviewed the wide-range of products and services available to Alberta CPAs. To learn more about the products and services available to all Alberta CPAs, visit cpaalberta.ca/services.

One major outcome of the Jumpstart tour was the launch of the pilot Peer-to-Peer Forum on the same topic. Peer-to-Peer Forums are an opportunity for CPAs can candidates to share their experience and knowledge around a common interest and help each other tackle issues and challenges they may be facing. If you are interested in participating in the Forums, visit https://www.cpaalberta.ca/Events/CPA-Alberta-Events/CPA-Alberta-Peer-to-Peer-Forums for more details or to sign-up.

What are the key takeaways from the Jumpstart Innovation Series? Find out from CPA Alberta COO, Yuen Ip.


What people are saying about the Jumpstart Innovation Series

“This seminar gave me some great information about what is offered through CPA Alberta. It also opened my eyes to innovation and continuing to be innovative.” – Adriel Fundytus, CPA, CA

“Impressive seminar focused on area that permeates all types of business sectors and all walks of life. Great overall introduction to a topic that is only going to become even more important with progress of time.” – Jumpstart Innovation Attendee

“This seminar helped me to look at our changing professional world in a more positive light. The approach used was innovative and engaging and I can see how it can be applied to any situation.” – Vicki Lockwood, CPA, CGA

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