Mentorship Matters

Mentorship Matters

Like many Chartered Professional Accountants, Harjit Gill CPA, CGA enjoys the problem-solving aspects of her career in the not-for-profit sector. “In the end, it’s amazing when things comes together like a puzzle—even if it takes some time to find all the pieces.”

In 2015, Harjit was seeking some guidance in putting some of her own career puzzle pieces together after she was fortunate enough to receive some exciting but demanding opportunities at work. Managing a team of accountants, payroll, Human Resources and contract IT professionals at her workplace was everything she wanted, but figuring out the balance was a challenge. “At times I felt like it was too much too fast,” says Harjit. “And other times I wanted the pace at work to move faster.”

After registering with the CPA Alberta Mentorship Program, Harjit was paired with a Mentor who had experience working in the not-for-profit sector, and the two hit it off. “We had no problem connecting. She was knowledgeable in my business sector and really easy to talk to about my career goals and challenges.”

Harjit, like many professionals, often feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. She was initially hesitant to register for the program because of her busy schedule. “I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find the time I needed.” Over the course of the mentorship program, Harjit found the meetings extremely valuable and was always looking forward to seeing her mentor. “The time with my mentor really mattered to me and it wasn’t a difficult task fitting the meetings into my schedule.”

Now that the program has ended, Harjit still stays in touch with her mentor. “I feel like I gained a lifelong friend out of this experience, someone who I can always go to for advice.”

CPA Alberta offers a number of programs to pair Alberta CPAs, candidates, and prospective CPAs with more seasoned members of the profession. The CPA Alberta Mentorship Program gives mentorees a chance to develop a mentoring relationship that can lead to insights, opportunities and improved skills to help achieve career goals. This program has two streams: one focused on career development, and one on foreign-trained professionals. The PER Mentorship Program is is the mandatory program for CPA Candidates to meet their practical experience requirements. Finally, the Connector Program helps participants develop their professional networks by introducing individuals wishing to develop their network to well-connected local CPAs.

Over the past four years, CPA Alberta has matched over 150 members with an experienced Mentor through the CPA Alberta Mentorship Program. If you are interested in registering, please email mentorship@cpaalberta.caPlease note: the deadline to apply as a mentee or mentor for the 2017/18 Mentorship Program is September 22.

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