National Fitness Day: How do CPAs stay motivated?

National Fitness Day: How do CPAs stay motivated?

June 1 was National Health and Fitness Day. Perhaps as a result, you have a renewed focus on your health and fitness.

CPA Assist, the confidential counselling and wellness support service for Alberta CPAs, candidates, and their immediate families, encourages you to prioritize your health every day of the year! We recognize it can be hard to find the time to exercise, but staying active can help you manage stress, stay alert, and perform better at work.

Did you know: CPA Assist offers free physical fitness consultations?

To celebrate National Fitness Day and provide some inspiration, we asked three active CPAs to share their tips for staying motivated.

Alyson Jenkins CPA, CA: The Marathon Runner

Alyson Jenkins CPA, CA (also pictured above)

Alyson is a marathon runner who trains and stays active by building fitness into her daily routine.

“I run to and from work every day (yes, including in -30°C & +30°C). I make this part of my everyday commute and get a run in every day. Now that my kids are just learning to bike, we try to go to activities by biking, and I run behind them. Not sure how long I am going to be able to keep up; they are getting faster!”

Alyson also coaches her childrens’ field hockey team, providing another way to stay active while spending time with her family.

Deepak Saini CPA, CMA: The HIIT Man

Deepak Saini CPA, CMA

Deepak has been a CPA for more than 14 years, primarily working in oil and gas. He overcame his own health challenge and healed himself by adopting a low inflammation nutrition and lifestyle strategy. After transforming his own life, Deepak decided to educate himself and became a Certified Primal Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer.

“As the saying goes, if we don’t have our health, we have nothing. Five years ago, I went through some health challenges, and I could no longer do my favourite activities, or even pick up my daughter. That was my low point and healing myself became my only goal. My biggest tip for staying motivated is to look inside yourself and figure out your WHY for wanting to be healthier. Don’t be afraid to work with a professional to help you understand your reason to make a change,” says Deepak.

Deepak believes in maximizing effort with a minimal effective time required to meet his fitness objectives. He does two hard HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) 20 minute sessions a week, one strength training and one cardio, typically in the morning before his family gets up. Deepak combines this with lots of daily low-level movement, including stand-up paddle boarding, biking with his kids, gardening, shoveling snow, and lots of easy walking.

Jason Labonte CPA, CMA: The Ironman

Jason Labonte CPA, CMA

Jason has completed two Ironman triathlons and is training for his third this summer. He enjoys the challenge and diversity of training and competing in three sports: swimming, biking, and running.

Jason’s biggest tip to stay motivated is to set a goal with a timeframe and work backwards to make a plan and set yourself up for success.

“Make the goal attainable and mark your progress. I book my workouts into my calendar months ahead of time, like appointments. I also keep a journal of sorts for my workouts. As I complete each workout, I mark it with a big green check mark. Within a few weeks, I have a bunch of green check marks that serve as motivation,” he says.

Jason’s second tip is to make yourself accountable. He tells people what he’s signed up for, and posts about it on social media. Jason also says that signing up for an event keeps him motivated: “As an accountant, I hate to see that money go to waste, so I better train to make the event a reality!”

Jason mentions that working out is an investment in himself. When he’s active and healthy, he feels good and performs better in all aspects of his life. Because of this, others have supported him and his dedication to fitness.

Remember, you can schedule a physical or dietary consultation through CPA Assist. Access to CPA Assist services is available to all Alberta CPAs, so take advantage! To find out more, visit


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