New national CPA advertising campaign launched

New national CPA advertising campaign launched

On September 9, the profession launched a new national CPA brand awareness campaign. The bold, original campaign is focused on raising the profile of the CPA designation among business leaders and others. The campaign revolves around the theme of “This is the new face of CPA”. Built on the heels of last year’s successful national branding approach, the new campaign continues to depict CPAs as leaders in business and society, positively influencing all sectors where their skills and experience can make a difference.

A unique element of the campaign is how it features seven actual Canadian CPAs. These CPAs’ images and stories are featured in television commercials, print ads, out-of-home (billboards and digital media platforms), digital ads and social media posts. Their stories illustrate the range of skills, competencies and ethical standards that define the 21st-century CPA. One of those seven CPAs seen in the campaign is from Alberta; Salina Dharamsi CPA, CA of Calgary is featured on campaign billboards and other media, representing the profession’s “Face of Tomorrow.”

Keep your eyes out for the campaign’s television advertising and billboards!

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