Part 4: Hot tips for time management in case writing

Part 4: Hot tips for time management in case writing

In this last post of the series, Jeff Herzog CPA (@jeffthecpa) offers an important reminder to candidates—don’t forget to de-stress and have fun along the way.

Hot tip #4: practice, practice, practice!

To develop the habit of sticking to your time budget, you have to practice as much as possible. If you have never practiced a case using a time budget, you will not be able to do so on the exam.

If you’re preparing for your Core 1 exam, reattempt your practice cases using time budgets in the final week leading up to the exam. Focus on sticking to those time budgets and holding yourself accountable. Budgeting time will be tough on the first few cases, but it will get easier.

Now is the time to test out different methods to see what works for you. You want to be comfortable with whatever routine you are using. Experiment with different planning methods, time budgets, and shortcuts. Some people like to rely on margin notes while others prefer to keep notes on their computer. Cultivating good habits that work for you and becoming comfortable with them is more important than trying to conform to popular methods suggested by others. Use what works for you, but try different methods to help determine what that is.

Finding opportunities to practice in exam conditions, such as the study sessions offered by CPA Alberta, will help you hone the skills you are developing.

Hot tip #5: have fun and good luck!

I hope these tips are helpful and benefit you as you make your way through CPA PEP. The program can be quite stressful, so I want to remind you that support is available. CPA Assist provides confidential support to CPAs, candidates, and their immediate family members. If you are experiencing issues with burnout, stress management, time management, or any other issues, contact CPA Assist for additional support.