Participate in an innovative e-textbook project

Participate in an innovative e-textbook project

MacEwan University is looking for CPAs and educators to participate in a new innovative project that might shift how e-textbooks are used. The project is spearheaded by Sherif Elbarrad Ph.D., CPA, CMA of MacEwan University, and is sponsored by the CPA Education Foundation.  MacEwan is looking for local businesses in Edmonton and the surrounding area to feature in a pilot textbook on the Principles of Management Accounting, as well as contributors who are interested in submitting supporting content and peer reviewers from all over the world.


By digitizing textbooks, the web application MacEwan is developing will provide students with the opportunity to learn concepts through different illustrations of the content. One feature they are working on is the use of animated and real-life videos (from 4 to 7 minutes in length) to explain the concepts presented in the textbook. Additionally, they are looking to enable readers (including students and educators) to become contributors to the textbooks, allowing them to submit their own illustration of the concepts (e.g., by sharing notes, presentations, videos or audio files). This material will then be blindly peer-reviewed by qualified individuals before being published to other readers. To test the web application, Sherif and a group of colleagues are currently working on developing a pilot textbook on the Principles of Management Accounting.

Opportunities for Businesses:

To illustrate management accounting concepts in this pilot textbook, MacEwan is looking for businesses in Edmonton and the surrounding region to feature in their videos. Participants would be interviewed and filmed by students. Additionally, other footage from the business’s operations will be recorded to illustrate the concepts of management accounting. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to showcase the name of the business in which the filming takes place, as well as mention the names of the person(s) being interviewed in the videos. The main goal is to show the students how management accounting concepts are applied in real life.

Opportunities for Educators / Professionals:

There are two different opportunities for educators/professionals to get involved with this e-textbook:

1. As previously mentioned, the e-textbook will allow readers to share their own illustration of the concepts with other readers. As an educator/professional, your submissions are welcome to be included in these sections. Your illustration of concepts will be blindly peer-reviewed, and once approved, it will be attached to the corresponding topic in the e-textbook.

2. MacEwan is seeking qualified peer reviewers for the e-textbook. Peer-reviewers can either work on reviewing the main text, or on reviewing the material submitted by readers.

If you are interested, please use the following link to submit your information:

All participants will be acknowledged.

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