Find time for PD this summer

Find time for PD this summer

Summer is the perfect time for rest, relaxation, and … professional development? It’s true! Even with the best intentions, it can often be difficult to find a day or half-day to dedicate to PD. The summer vacation season provides an opportunity to explore alternatives to in-class professional development that allow you to squeeze in a few hours from home, the cabin, the beach or anywhere on the go:

Webinars – Live or Recorded

Live webinars offer a real-time auditory interaction with the instructor and class while viewing the PowerPoint and hearing the instructor. Alternatively, recorded webinars can allow you the freedom to choose a time and location. Have some downtime this summer? Watch a recorded webinar!

Live Broadcast Seminars

Live broadcast seminars provide a real-time visual and auditory interaction with the instructor and class while viewing the materials. The difference between a live broadcast seminar and a webinar is that during the live broadcast seminar you are actually watching the instructor deliver the material, as opposed to watching a PowerPoint presentation.


For PD truly on the go, consider AudioWeb PD. AudioWeb titles are recorded from live classroom seminars and made available as downloadable MP3 audio files. Whether it’s a long car ride or an hour at the gym, plug in some headphones and enjoy PD at your convenience. Participants will receive any corresponding handout materials in PDF files.

For more information on electronic PD, view CPA Alberta’s PD Program. In this program, you’ll find a number of options for learning on the go.

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