Perspectives on blockchain from thought leaders in technology, governance, and business

Perspectives on blockchain from thought leaders in technology, governance, and business

Distributed ledgers and blockchain are powerful and challenging technologies for business and accounting. They are powerful because of their potential to create new social and economic models much like the new business models enabled by Internet technology; they are challenging because of their complexity and our lack of understanding.

To reduce the mystery and to highlight the power of these technologies, CPA Canada developed a publication on distributed ledger technology and blockchain in collaboration with an important academic stakeholder, the Master of Management and Professional Accounting (MMPA) Program at the Institute for Management and Innovation, University of Toronto.

Learn about collaborative possibilities between multiple disciplines in blockchain and how thought leaders across industries are thinking about blockchain for the profession on this publication from CPA Canada, accessible here.


  • in technology start us with primers on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and distributed ledgers and take us to real-life-use cases of blockchains and “smart contracts” in action
  • in governance show us tension and co-operation between innovators, regulators, and tax authorities
  • in social innovation introduce us to another dimension — the use of blockchain in sustainability reporting, an area in which accountants have played a key role.

Read the publication and join the conversation! If you have blockchain ideas impacting CPAs that you want to share, email Michael Wong, principal, Technology, Research, Guidance and Support, CPA Canada.

Access the original article and download your electronic copy of the paper on CPA Canada’s website.