Prominent CPA provides unprecedented $1 million donation to CPA Education Foundation

Prominent CPA provides unprecedented $1 million donation to CPA Education Foundation

Thanks to an unprecedented $1 million donation from business leader Brian Hesje FCPA, FCA, CPAs in Alberta will have an amazing opportunity to use their insights and expertise to support communities, individuals, and accounting education in the province.

Brian’s donation is one of the largest gifts ever given by an individual to the CPA Education Foundation, the charitable arm of the profession that supports business and accounting education in the province. His generosity will ensure the continued advancement of accounting education in Alberta, increase public awareness of the insights of CPAs, and make finance and accounting knowledge accessible for all Albertans.

Brian’s gift is being used to establish and launch the Hesje CPA Knowledge Centre, a virtual hub for the production and distribution of print, digital, and online resources featuring Alberta CPAs sharing their expertise on a wide range of topics. Once fully launched, the Centre will also host various live events that will invite audiences to learn more about the CPA profession and hear the perspectives of Alberta CPAs.

An accomplished Alberta business leader, writer, and community-builder, Brian recognized that the public, prospective CPAs, business professionals, and other audiences would greatly benefit from the vast, collective expertise of CPAs. He was interested in supporting the dissemination of that knowledge and expertise in service of the public—as well as creating opportunities to promote inclusivity and advance education in smaller communities—and reached out to CPA Alberta and the CPA Education Foundation to see how his vision could be brought to light.

“Alberta CPAs are incredibly skilled, capable professionals. As a collective, we have so much insight and wisdom on topics such as financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and leadership. The Centre will enable the profession to harness that knowledge and use it to benefit the people that we serve—the public, students, prospective CPAs, our communities, and others,” says Brian.

Learn more about the Hesje CPA Knowledge Centre and its vision for future business leaders.

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