Review 2020 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements

Review 2020 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements

Over the past few months, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements may not have been on the forefront of the minds of Alberta CPAs; however, as the December 31 deadline approaches, it’s a good time to review learning for the year to ensure it meets the annual and three-year rolling requirements for 2020.

This year, as always, CPAs must complete at least 20 hours of relevant learning and development, with at least 10 of these hours being verifiable learning.

CPA Alberta and CPA Canada both offer a number of learning opportunities, including many free options, to assist with meeting these requirements. Remember, Alberta CPAs are not required to take CPD through CPA Alberta or CPA Canada, and there are many free or low-cost PD offerings available. An easy way to find these options is to conduct an online search for “Free Professional Development Courses”.

What qualifies for CPD learning? 

Learning activities allow for the development of new or existing competencies in areas that are relevant to a CPA’s overall professional responsibilities and growth.  Any new learning and development that is relevant and appropriate to the work, professional responsibilities, and growth of a CPA will qualify for CPD.

Activities that would not be considered a learning activity are those activities that do not relate directly to a current professional role and/or long-term career interests, such as yoga, fitness programs, or art classes.

What qualifies as Verifiable CPD?

Verifiable CPD is an activity that results in evidence that the learning took place and that someone other than the participant can verify objectively. These activities can be more than just a course, conference, or seminar where a certificate is granted or attendance validated. Verifiable activities can also include presentations, publications, or reports an Alberta CPA has written which required them to learn something new related to their professional role (view examples of acceptable CPD evidence).

For detailed information on CPD requirements and options, visit CPD Reporting on the CPA Alberta website.