RMAs between CPA bodies and GAA member bodies now in effect

RMAs between CPA bodies and GAA member bodies now in effect

Reciprocal Membership Arrangements (RMAs) between all provincial/regional CPA bodies and the following Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) member bodies came into effect on January 1, 2018:

  • Chartered Accountants of Ireland
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland
  • South African Institute of Chartered Accountants

The objective of these RMAs is to set out the basis on which members of the GAA bodies may become reciprocal members of a provincial or regional CPA body, and vice versa. The terms of these RMAs shall be for a period of five years. If you are an Alberta CPA and have any questions regarding the RMAs, please contact CPA Alberta at registrations@cpaalberta.ca.

Canadian CPAs Seeking a GAA Member Body Credential

CPA members in good standing are eligible to obtain a GAA member body credential if they completed any of the legacy (CA, CGA, CMA) programs or the post-unification CPA certification program. CPA members who completed the education, examination and experience requirements of the legacy CGA or CMA program must have completed two years of full-time or equivalent part-time, relevant post-qualifying experience that involve the use of accounting, attest, management advisory, financial advisory, tax or consulting skills. The experience may be from employment in public practice, private industry, non-profit or government. A Verification of Post Qualification Experience Certificate form has been developed for legacy CGA and CMA members seeking a credential from a GAA member body.

GAA Member Body Members Seeking the Canadian CPA designation

Members in good standing with any of the above GAA member bodies are eligible to obtain the Canadian CPA designation if they completed:

  • the education and training route of their GAA institute, or
  • a pathway under approved credit or other scheme arrangements that does not include exemption from the final qualifying exam of the certification

To obtain the Canadian CPA designation, eligible members of a GAA member body must register with a provincial/regional body and complete the following:

  • Complete the International Candidate Application Form and send it to the provincial/regional CPA body to which you intend to apply.
  • Complete the Request Certification of Membership with GAA Bodies form.
  • Provide confirmation that they are a member in good standing with their GAA member body. Such confirmation must be provided by the GAA member body directly to the provincial/regional CPA body.
  • Provide proof of their legal name as evidenced by acceptable government-issued documentation.
  • Pay the appropriate fee as determined by the applicable provincial/regional CPA body.
  • Complete any additional requirements as prescribed by the applicable provincial/regional CPA body.

Legacy MRA between CGA Canada and CPA Australia

The legacy Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between Certified General Accountants of Canada (CGA Canada) and CPA Australia will expire on February 26, 2018. Legacy CGA and CPA Australia members seeking certification through this MRA will need to submit their application forms prior to this date for their forms to be considered for processing following the expiration date.

CPA Canada and CPA Australia are currently in the process of negotiating a new recognition agreement. Information about the agreement will be made public once available.

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