Self-employed success tip: sell yourself

Self-employed success tip: sell yourself

In light of a 2012 studying showing that 54% of millennials want to start a business, this article discusses the key quality required in order to run your own business (originally published on Wise Bread).  The belief in and ability of selling yourself can be the key in determining your success.

This is the one skill you need if you want to work for yourself

Thanks to popular media and the glamorous success of entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and even Mark Cuban, the idea of entrepreneurship is all the rage these days.

A 2012 study showed that 54% of millenials want to start a business, despite only 8% actually running a business at the time of the survey. When we think of entrepreneurship, words like “freedom,” “wealth,” “passion,” or “fame” might come to mind. We love the idea of being our own boss and the sole beneficiary of our own labor. (See also: Starting a Dream Business Is Easier Than You Think)

Few, however, understand what entrepreneurship really is. At its core, being an entrepreneur comes down to your ability to make one key sale.

You’re the Product

Think of a sales pitch. The presenters walk in, introduce themselves, and pitch their product. Each of you have a product to sell, and the product is… wait for it… you!

Regardless of profession, we are all required to sell ourselves in some capacity. In the context of our lives, we are our own most valuable product.

For entrepreneurs, the ability to sell themselves is their single most important skill. At no point do entrepreneurs stop selling.

  • Product pitch? Selling
  • Investor meeting? Selling
  • Top talent hiring? Selling
  • Customer acquisition? Selling

The truth is you cannot be a successful entrepreneur without the ability sell your most valuable product — you.

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