October 1: Deadline to Register for CPA Alberta Mentorship Program

October 1: Deadline to Register for CPA Alberta Mentorship Program

CPA Alberta offers a number of programs to pair Alberta CPAs, candidates, and prospective CPAs with more seasoned members of the profession. The deadline to apply as a mentee or mentor for the 2017/18 Mentorship Program is October 1. The CPA Alberta Mentorship Program gives mentor/mentees a chance to develop a mentoring relationship that can lead to insights, opportunities and improved skills to help achieve career goals. This program has two streams: one focused on career development, and one on foreign-trained professionals. Over the past four years, CPA Alberta has matched over 150 members with an experienced Mentor through the CPA Alberta Mentorship Program.

Adeleke-Kelani’s CPA, CA Mentorship Tips

M Mentor. Don’t manage or mother your mentee. Mentoring must be meaningful to be useful. So mean what you say and say what you mean. Don’t say what you think the mentee wants to hear, rather what they need to hear – be CANDID not “Candied.” Be tactfully truthful.
E Expect the mentee to be clear on their expectations and be committed to them.
N Never shy away from sharing your successes, struggles and stumbles…together they make you who you are.
T Take the time to give your time. During a mentoring session, be 100 per cent present.
O Open your ears more than your mouth; open your heart and your head too and open yourself to learn.
R Realize that the mentee’s life is theirs. Mentees may or may not take the advice you provide, and that is okay. Recognize that you don’t have all the answers, nor are you expected to.

Ada is an active mentor with CPA Alberta and the Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC), and an online mentor for internationally-trained accountants with JVS Toronto.

The PER Mentorship Program is the mandatory program for CPA Candidates to meet their practical experience requirements. Finally, the Connector Program helps participants develop their professional networks by introducing individuals wishing to develop their network to well-connected local CPAs.

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