Setting healthy goals for the new year

Setting healthy goals for the new year

While it’s easy to get excited starting off the new year with resolutions, it’s sometimes hard to keep that motivation going for the rest of the year and stay on track. CPA Alberta’s CPA Assist program is here to help you set healthy goals—goals that can easily become a permanent lifestyle change for the better. One over-arching tip to keep in mind is that it may be beneficial to start small and be focused, instead of implementing a number of changes at once. If you choose one category to focus on, you may be surprised how easy it is for something to become a habit.

Here are some common categories that you may want to consider focusing on when it comes to achieving a healthier lifestyle:

Healthy Eating Habits

Food is fuel and a source of energy that gets you through the day. While healthy eating once had a reputation of being restrictive and boring, there are now many foods  that not only taste great, but make you feel great, too. Healthy food that is delicious and attainable can keep you on the healthy eating track. For more tips on staying energized throughout the day with nutritious snacks, this article from Registered Dietician, Emily Mardell, has some great ideas.

Physical Activity

We’ve all seen it: the gym is packed every January with motivated people with New Year resolutions. But then, three weeks (or less) passes, and the gym becomes noticeably less busy. While it’s great to set goals for your physical health, it’s also important that those goals are sustainable. So, it’s important that the fitness plan that you’re participating in is something that you enjoy – otherwise, you’re likely to abandon that plan. Start by taking a walk during your lunch break or dropping in on a new fitness class you’ve always wanted to try. The more you like it, the more motivated you’ll be to come back! For tips on reducing stress and focusing on your physical activity, check out CPA Assist’s recent webinar on active living and finding your motivation.

Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as physical health and should be treated as such. One big factor impacting mental health for CPAs is stress. While it is an inevitable part of life, that doesn’t mean you can’t control it. Knowing your stress triggers and then working to eliminate those specific triggers can reap big dividends. For example, if notifications from your smartphone are a stressor, try something as simple as putting your phone in the next room when you go to bed, or taking the 30 minutes before bed to completely unplug with a book or magazine.  You can learn more helpful tips from CPA Assist’s recent webinar How to Get Stress on Your Side.

To learn more about  stressors and how to mitigate them, CPA Alberta is hosting a PD session in both Calgary and Edmonton in February 2020. Optimized Health: Increasing Performance and Productivity through Stress Reduction is aimed to help participants learn about stressors in their work and personal life they may not be aware of, and how to manage them. You can also attend one of CPA Alberta’s PD sessions on the topic, such as the Stress Busting webinars: Stress Busting 101: Part A or Stress Busting 101: Part B.

Focusing on one of these categories is a way to get started on creating a lifestyle that makes you happy. Happiness looks different to everyone, so it’s important to reflect on what brings you happiness. If you are still trying to determine what brings you happiness, What is Your Happiness Practice is a web-based PD seminar that will show you how to get more of the satisfaction you might be craving.

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