SingularityU Summit

SingularityU Summit

Alberta CPAs may be interested in attending the SingularityU Canada Summit, taking place in Edmonton on April 23 & 24. The summit is devoted to reinforcing Canada’s global role as a key technological innovator. It aims to give a deeper understanding of how exponential technology will benefit nearly every aspect of our daily lives.

The description of the event can be found below, and tickets can be purchased here.

Change is happening at an accelerated rate. Many of the changes are a result of the exponential speed of technological advancement. The challenge with this kind of change is  that once the underlying trajectories are obvious, it’s too late: the tipping point has been reached. Last year, organizations from the public and the private sector, from  different industries and across the country – all came together to bring  Singularity University to Canada. The first Summit brought 1,300 leaders to Toronto for two days of  strategic conversations about the collective future.

Attendees can listen to and participate in expert panel presentations and open discussions. Work and play with product demos that let you experience the future today. Meet like-minded forward-thinkers and join a growing network of thought leaders, trailblazing practitioners, and impact startups.

Tickets can be purchased from

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