Starting and Ending Conversations

Starting and Ending Conversations

Ah, the awkward conversation. Only made more awkward as it progresses, eventually coming to an abrupt and unbearably awkward closing of awkwardness. Maybe it’s not that bad. It certainly doesn’t have to be. A blog post on FindSpark, a community dedicated to career success, suggests making a clean exit by working on your conversation closing skills. By taking the initiative to end the conversation and move on, the person you’re talking to will be grateful. Below are some tips on opening and closing conversations at networking events. Read the full article on FindSpark here.

Get the conversation started with these openers:

  • What brought you here tonight?
  • I love your (something they are wearing).
  • What did you think of the talk?
  • What (food/drink) are you getting? (While standing in line)
  • Hi! Just wanted to say hi!
  • Are you in line?
  • So, are you a __________? (Hofstra alumni, tea enthusiast, whatever the event theme is)
  • I couldn’t help but overhear __________…

Make a clean exit with these closers:

  • You know what, I’d love to introduce you to someone else I met tonight.
  • I’m going to grab another (food/drink), fantastic to meet you.
  • I need to use the bathroom, but I’m sure I’ll see you around.
  • I’m going to say hi to a friend, it was awesome chatting.
  • I don’t want to take up all your time; it was great meeting you!
  • Well, I’d love to stay in touch; can we trade cards?
  • I’m going to go mingle some more, but it was nice chatting.

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