Stay up-to-date on cyber security with CPA Alberta’s Online Resource Centre

Stay up-to-date on cyber security with CPA Alberta’s Online Resource Centre

With so many working from home, cyber security has become even more top-of-mind for individuals and organizations. CPA Alberta’s Online Resource Centre sources and shares articles and resources on topics relevant to accounting and finance professionals, including a section on cyber security.

Resources that may be of interest include:

CPA Guide on Best Practices in I.T. Use

This guide is a first step towards managing information technology use for CPAs. If you use a computer, smartphone, email or cloud service, you are exposed to risks that require mitigation measures. This guide highlights security issues related to daily IT use and present best practices for managing such use, taking into account CPAs’ ethical and regulatory obligations.

Run a cyber-safe business – Government of Canada

Within seconds, cyber criminals could tear down the small business you’ve built from the ground up. These tips, provided by the Government of Canada, will help strengthen your defenses, and keep cyber criminals on the outside looking in.

Manage cyber security risk and security issues: Questions for directors

Geared to directors of organizations, this publication will help you learn about considerations for the management of all entities in developing a cyber security risk management program, and obtain an update on the current disclosure environment for registrants and reporting issuers.


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