Strategies for Dealing with Time-Crunch Stress

Strategies for Dealing with Time-Crunch Stress

An article published on the Fast Company website, Why Your Feeling of Not Having Enough Time is a Lie, argues that some of the stress that comes from not having enough time in the day might not always come from a lack of hours. The article presents four ways to reduce this type of time-crunch anxiety, including putting an end to glorifying being busy and identifying what is important.

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If you are experiencing time-crunch stress, remember that CPA Assist can help. The program is available to all CPA Members and CPA candidates, along with their families, to enhance their wellness. It is completely confidential and offers professional counselling, peer support, and health and wellness services to deal with a variety of issues, including stress management, burnout, and addiction. CPA Assist is also looking to build a dedicated network of Alberta designated accountants to act as confidential peer support volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jessica Musslewhite.

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