Strengthening CPA Alberta Leadership

Strengthening CPA Alberta Leadership

The staff at CPA Alberta is made up of a diverse group of professionals with a variety of educational backgrounds and career skills, all working to ensure CPA Alberta meets its mandate of protecting the public interest and promoting the value of the CPA designation. The leadership team of CPA Alberta has recently welcomed two new members: Chief Operating Officer, Yuen Ip CPA, CMA and Senior Vice President, CPA Life, Dr. Perri Sinal-Skelton CPA, CA.


Yuen Ip CPA, CMA, Chief Operating Officer, CPA Alberta


As Chief Operating Officer, Yuen is responsible for several critical strategic and management functions at CPA Alberta. He provides oversight in the areas of strategic business planning, research, analytics, risk management, project management, innovation and digital strategy, human resources, as well as working with strategic partners such as CPA Canada and the CPA Western School of Business.

Yuen is an accomplished leader; before joining CPA Alberta, he led and implemented large-scale IT operations across Canada, where his work positively impacted organizations in government, education, healthcare, forestry/lumber and the accounting profession. In his previous roles, Yuen has fine-honed his stakeholder relationship skills, by understanding their needs first, and crafting partnership and solutions to meet those needs.

Yuen is committed to strengthening CPA Alberta so it will become even more robust in business planning, performance management, research, and project management. This will help the organization to execute strategies, make more informed decisions, and enhance staff performance through training, development, and refined tools/processes.



Dr. Perri Sinal-Skelton CPA, CA, Senior Vice President, CPA Life

In her role as Senior Vice President, CPA Life, Perri is responsible for overseeing the variety of benefits and resources offered specifically to Alberta CPAs; these include exclusive events and programs focused on helping them perform professional duties, network with CPA colleagues, and grow their careers.

Prior to joining CPA Alberta, Perri was Associate Dean at the JR Shaw School of Business at NAIT where she was responsible for strategic and operational leadership.  She has 30 years of professional work experience primarily in the educational services sector along with time spent in accounting public practice, corporate audit services, and consulting for small business enterprises.  This variety of experiences has provided meaningful opportunities to gain experience in all organizational functional areas including strategy and business planning, policy development, programming, fundraising, finance and administration, stewardship, recruitment, marketing, event planning, communications and information technology.

Perri is excited to familiarize CPA Alberta members with the extensive scope of services available to them. As an avid learner herself, she is deeply interested in learning what Alberta CPAs need in order to build successful careers and feel connected to the profession so CPA Alberta can provide them with the best service possible. She is also invested in showcasing to Albertans and stakeholders the breadth of talent and skills of CPAs across this province.


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