Terry Fox PROFYLE – bringing new hope to children with recurring cancer

Terry Fox PROFYLE – bringing new hope to children with recurring cancer

Thirty-seven years ago, Terry Fox embarked upon a mission to run for those who couldn’t: To give young people with cancer, like himself, hope – hope for a cure. His lasting legacy in raising awareness and funds for cancer research have rightfully led to a lasting legacy and status as a national hero.

Today, the Terry Fox Foundation carries on Terry’s vision of never giving up, continually working towards improvements in treatments and outcomes for pediatric cancers. Terry Fox PROFYLE – Precision Oncology For Young People – is a new program that will support babies, children, and young adults with recurring cancers whose families have been told they are out of treatment options, by deploying precision medicine.

While there has been dramatic improvement over the last three decades, of the 4,200 young Canadians between the ages of 0 to 29 diagnosed each year with cancer, 700—or 20 percent—of those will die.

For the 20 percent of young people whose cancers have spread, returned, or are resistant to treatment, outcomes remain stubbornly grim. Terry Fox PROFYLE will focus entirely on children and young people’s cancers, seeking to drive innovation and move the foundation’s understanding of overall cancers forward. Children’s cancers express themselves differently, therefore adult models cannot be used to treat cancers in young people.

More than 30 pediatric cancer research and funding organizations have joined forces through Terry Fox PROFYLE and have committed $16.4 million to molecularly profile the tumours of these patients, no matter where they live in Canada. Thanks program also connects the field’s top researchers and clinicians, and provides a means to share data as well as treatment outcomes, facilitating the adoptions of precision medicine for cancer. This will enable researchers to identify cancer patients with similar profiles and outcomes from treatments from across Canada for further study.

At the patient level, this innovative program will lead to expedited diagnostic results, new clinical trials, new treatment options, and, most importantly, hope.

CPA Alberta is proud to help raise the awareness of this important initiative, and encourages Alberta CPAs to learn more about the program. To take an in depth look into Terry Fox PROFYLE, watch this video.

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