The coming wave of business transitions in Canada

The coming wave of business transitions in Canada

How well prepared are entrepreneurs to get top dollar value when selling their businesses? That’s one of the key questions addressed in a recent study done by the Business Development Bank of Canada, or BDC, called: The Coming Wave of Business Transitions in Canada.

Their study, based on a survey of over 2,500 Canadian entrepreneurs, shows that:

  • 41% of entrepreneurs in Canada expect to leave their businesses, largely to retire, and not acquire another company in the next five years.
  • Over half of these entrepreneurs intend to sell or transfer their business to someone outside of the family, which means maximizing the value of the business is essential.
  • These same entrepreneurs are also less likely to pursue growth, which may drag down the market value of the firm.

To view or download the full BDC report, click here.

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