The Encouragement of a Network

The Encouragement of a Network

Connector Program Participant Patti Chrabaszcz CPA, CA

In 2016, Patti Chrabaszcz CPA, CA found herself in a unique situation. After spending nearly 20 years living and working in Calgary, she was ready to move to Edmonton to be closer to her family. Once settled into the city, Patti reached out to the Connector Program in hopes of meeting other CPAs in the area.

Initially, Patti had some reservations about the program. “At first I was concerned that I would be wasting people’s time—something that is such a precious commodity these days,” says Patti.

Nonetheless, Patti decided to take a leap of faith and join the program. She was soon introduced to another CPA, and the two women immediately hit it off. “She shared her journey with me. There were many similarities to my own,” recalls Patti.

The conversation also gave her some key pointers and motivation to keep her goals in sight so that decisions she made would ultimately get her closer to where she wanted to be. “It helps to connect with others that can support and encourage you when you doubt yourself,” she says.

Patti now works with Cameron & Hankinson Professional Corporation in South Edmonton. Looking back, Patti now realizes that it doesn’t need to take a lot of time and effort to network with people to reap the benefits, “I think we can all benefit from the experiences and encouragement of others. We can learn what works, or what doesn’t work, and that knowledge allows us to move forward faster—and in the company of the friends we have made along the way.”

The Connector Program introduces individuals seeking information and opportunities to well-connected local CPAs. The program will put the Participant, the person interested in making the connection, directly in touch with local members who volunteer as Connectors.

This program is open to CPAs, candidates, students in preparatory courses, as well as CPAs and candidates who are new to Canada and are interested in building their professional networks.

Learn more about the Connector Program here.

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