The ultimate goal of mentorship

The ultimate goal of mentorship

Becoming a mentor in the CPA Alberta Mentorship program was a clear decision for Justin Wong CPA, CA. “I wanted to give back to the profession that has given so much to me and the opportunities in my own career,” says Justin. “I wanted to help others succeed and achieve their own personal and professional goals.”

While Justin’s goals were focused on success, he also recognizes that being a mentor isn’t only about coaching someone through positive experiences. “I enjoyed the challenge of supporting and encouraging my mentee through difficult and trying times in their career as well.”

Justin and his mentee did encounter a challenge they had to work through together, “The only obstacle to overcome in my mentee/mentor relationship was finding times to meet regularly in person since we both have busy schedules,” says Justin. “We were flexible though and accommodated by having more frequent phone and e-mail exchanges.”

Justin assisted his mentee by providing insight into the Canadian job market, resources to find employment, resume review, mentoring through the professional education program and final examination, and coaching in various soft skills. “The most rewarding part of the program was seeing my mentee’s thought processes evolve in order to understand how to approach issues based on Canadian workplace culture.”

Thankfully with technology and the willingness to adapt, Justin and his mentee have been able to build a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust, growth, and accountability with each other– the ultimate goal in the CPA Alberta Mentorship Program.

CPA Alberta offers a number of programs to pair Alberta CPAs, candidates, and prospective CPAs with more seasoned members of the profession. The CPA Alberta Mentorship Program gives mentor/mentees a chance to develop a mentoring relationship that can lead to insights, opportunities and improved skills to help achieve career goals. This program has two streams: one focused on career development, and one on foreign-trained professionals.

The PER Mentorship Program is the mandatory program for CPA Candidates to meet their practical experience requirements. Finally, the Connector Program helps participants develop their professional networks by introducing individuals wishing to develop their network to well-connected local CPAs.

Over the past four years, CPA Alberta has matched over 150 members with an experienced Mentor through the CPA Alberta Mentorship Program. If you are interested in registering, please email Please note: the deadline to apply as a mentee or mentor for the 2017/18 Mentorship Program is September 22.

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