Three benefits of becoming a mentee

Three benefits of becoming a mentee

CPA Alberta offers three mentoring programs —one specifically for candidates in the PER program, and two more general programs — to support Alberta Accountants and Candidates. Becoming involved in a mentorship program can elevate your professional abilities and help you thrive as a business leader.

1.    You will understand the meaning of “competitive advantage” and how to put it to good use.

Being a mentee allows you to do in-person research with a more experienced accounting professional. When you register with the CPA Alberta Mentorship Program you are paired with your mentor based on shared professional interests and background experiences.   Your mentor will explain the technical skills and they will model the soft skills needed to move your career forward.

 2.    You will understand yourself better. 

The career development program and foreign-trained professional mentorship program is “mentee-driven”, which means you, as the mentee, need to come with a goal/problem that you wish to resolve.

Identifying these goals can be difficult, and often becomes the initial problem that you and your mentor work on.  Throughout the one-year relationship, your mentor will coach you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and barriers to success.

3.    You will  build upon the soft skills that make you a better leader

Soft skills are the skills needed for you to get along with your coworkers in a professional work environment. Your mentor is likely someone that you don’t know and therefore, they will seek to communicate and collaborate with you based on their experience in order to solve a problem.

Together you may talk about how to resolve conflict effectively at work, and the mentor’s outsider perspective can help you become more critically observant of yourself.  Becoming a better communicator, collaborator, conflict resolver and problem solver, along with the added skill of critical observation, shapes you into a better leader.

The profession has three mentorship programs that you as a member, candidate, and student can participate in. Contact for more information or visit the website.

Become a Mentee

Become a Mentor

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