Upcoming Peer-to-Peer Forum: Working in a pandemic

Upcoming Peer-to-Peer Forum: Working in a pandemic

If the various disruptions that occurred in 2019 became a source of challenge and change in many companies and industries, then 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic is a complete game changer for the world of business.

No company or industry has been spared. For some, the pandemic has opened up opportunities for growth never before seen, but for others COVID-19 has been crippling, signalling organizational dissolution and demise. For all organizations, the changes have been, and will likely continue to be, deep and difficult. Successfully riding this change will depend on the quality of both leadership and management to address the specific challenges in the workplace.

In this peer-to-peer forum, you will explore and share with colleagues the specific challenges your company is facing. Together, you will consider and develop pragmatic solutions that are action-oriented and gather wisdom from those who face similar challenges. The outcome will be the ability to take motivated and effective leadership action to address both the work and people challenges in your environment today.

Session Objectives 

  1. Review the requirements of change that are specific to this time of pandemic.
  2. Discuss the current challenges in your workplace that are specific to COVID-19 requirements and impacts.
  3. Develop solutions that are specific to your organization’s culture and business which will enable you and others to transition to a healthier and more productive workplace.

Working in a Pandemic: Change and Transition in the COVID-19 Workplace 

Thursday, August 6

3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Tuesday, August 11

12:00 noon – 1:30 p.m.